With Idébutikken (The Idea Shop), you have the opportunity to be part of a unique networking store. The shared office space offers you both a professional place to work with your personal ideas as well as the advantages of working alongside other startups. We focus on knowledge sharing, sparring, and mutual inspiration while working on our individual projects.

It is a challenge to become an entrepreneur and, when starting up, you do not always possess all the resources yourself. We have created a flexible learning environment with room for sharing and exchanging competencies. This is achieved through both the day to day work, our meetings, and through different presentations and workshops. 

Idébutikken is a space for entrepreneurs in need of a place to work with their own ideas and businesses. We also have room for students writing their innovative thesis or, maybe, unemployed who want a professional and creative environment for working on their job applications.

And, also, it is the cheapest office community in Aarhus C!

Do you have an idea?

If you have your own idea and you wish to make a go at it, turn it into reality, you might just fit right in with us at Idébutikken. This is the place to get in touch with your inner entrepreneur and try out your project in a creative work environment.

Idébutikken may also be booked and used for meetings, events, and all you other ideas for creative activity and knowledge sharing.

Please contact Michael via e-mail with a description of your project → idebutikken@fo-aarhus.dk

For more about Idébutikken and our members, check out Facebook (page in Danish).


I really value the social working community that Idébutikken makes possible.

Bjørn A. Bojesen, Idébutikken


Just to provide you with a quick overview, we have gathered some of the practical information regarding Idébutikken.

The office space is situated right in the middle of Aarhus, at Frederiksgade 78A. All creative ideas are welcome, and you may use the space for a shorter or a longer period of time - depending on your needs.

Idébutikken offers you the opportunity of fitting out your own work space. Also, you will have access to Internet, adjoining kitchen, regular cleaning service, as well as the facilities of FO-Aarhus (janitor, IT service, Café Nikolaj).

The opening hours are Mon-Fri from 10-16, unless you have your own key.


To get your own work space in Idébutikken you pay a monthly fee of 400 Danish kroner. Included in this price is your own work place as well as access to the facilities of Idébutikken, including the facilities offered by FO-Aarhus.

Rules of the game

Idébutikken exists due to the joint forces we put into the place. In order to get things running smoothly on a day to day basis, we have some ground rules for being part of the office community.


The story

The idea behind the project comes from London, where an Idea Store in Tower Hamlets is the centre of cultural, communicative, and inventive initiatives in the name of general education. Here, people meet across age and background in the rooms housing both library, café, lectures, and work spaces - all in one. And this is where the seed of an FO-Aarhus Idea- and Networking Shop is planted.

As we see in the example from London, so our Idea Shop intends to promote a democratic approach to knowledge and learning, and that is why we have room for all types of good ideas. It is an unbiased office community, where you can engage in new relations in order to create something new - new ideas, new networks, new innovative possibilities. FO-Aarhus created Idébutikken and provides the space, and this is done, primarily, to support the creative ideas in Aarhus. That is why there is room for both students, employed as well as unemployed, and - of course - our entrepreneurs. The goal of creating more of a creative space is also the reason behind the exceptionally low cost of using the rooms: everyone is welcome. Everyone seeking new pastures for their ideas; everyone creating new work.

The purpose of Idébutikken is to provide the people of Aarhus with a place to work with their own ideas or with the ideas of others. We have an open and flexible space, always reflecting the people using it. We have room for office spaces, small open workshops or events, and you may also use Idébutikken for dialogue events (exhibitions, lectures, workshops, etc.). With the location and possibilities of the locality, you will also find ample potential for exhibiting your products, and the central address makes it the obvious meeting place.