FO - Fantastic Opportunities with the Idea Shop

In 2012, the FO-Aarhus Idea Shop is changed into:

  • a knowledge store
  • a skill store
  • an inspirational store
  • an idea-to-thought store
  • a networking store
  • a sharing store
  • an alternate learning space

The idea and the framework
Where do you go for inspiration?
Where do you go to work with kindred spirits?
Where do you find an equally-qualified mentor?
Where do you go to realize your idea?

These are some of the questions that the FO-Aarhus Idea Shop can provide answers to. The Idea Shop is for those wanting to exceed their boundaries and discover an inspiring workplace full of like-minded colleagues.

The Idea Shop is part workplace and part café. The main part of the room is a dynamic workspace, where you may be assigned a personal office space or read a newspaper.

It is basically a shared office focused on working together, acting as mutual mentors, pooling your knowledge, and building dreams together.

The Idea Shop is an offer for students, the unemployed, and anybody wanting to share or gain knowledge.

The purpose of the shop is to provide the citizens of Aarhus with a place to go and work with their own ideas or those of others, and which combines the best features of the shared-office model at a reasonable price.

The main area of focus is the skills of the users. Those skills can be utilized, e.g. when you need somebody skilled in graphic design, accounting, computers, etc., you can find them in the Idea Shop and trade their abilities for your own skills or make another arrangement.

The shop also serves as a creative job bank: if you have an idea, it can be brought along for sparring, and possibly, a business partner. In the long term, businesses are expected to set tasks for the students and the unemployed to undertake. A notice board will feature the current projects and customers, making users able to select a task and put together a team to handle them.

Taking part in the handling of tasks requires membership of the Idea Shop.

Creative activation
A user-friendly notice board
Shared office space
Pooling of knowledge
Inspiration from co-workers

New Adult playground in Aarhus
Are you harbouring a lot of ideas but lack a place to work on projects, hold meetings, do sparring, etc., the Idea Shop is the ideal combination for you.

It is placed in Frederiksgade 78 and is the city's new shared office: a community that you can join by simply coming to the offices. There are no demands or restrictions, it's a place rich on opportunities, essentially, "a YES store".

The Idea Shop concept means creating an inspiring environment in a framework that makes it possible to pool knowledge, skills, and co-operate to make fantastic moments; create the great stories, experiences, and concepts. Little and great thoughts alike are welcome. Use the shop if you:

  • are working on a project
  • need sparring for your idea
  • want to develop an idea
  • are setting up an event
  • are delivering a speech
  • and so on - the possibilities are endless!

The Idea Shop is:

  • an impartial workspace where people can meet across any individual relationships.
  • an international workspace that encourages understanding of foreign cultures and teaches students to co-exist with and respect other nationalities, while maintaining your own native culture.
  • host for events and experiences and paves the way to resources, connections, experience, knowledge, and funding, to support ideas on the way to realization.
  • the place that utilizes the best elements of membership clubs, innovation agencies, customer service departments, and think tanks, to create an alternative innovative environment.
  • the place with all of the tools and the trimming needed to further development and daring ventures.
  • the place with access to experience, knowledge, financing, and markets.
  • locally rooted and globally connected.
  • the place featuring experiences and meetings, and with lots of people undertaking amazing tasks.

The Idea Shop was created by FO-Aarhus, who also provided the office space, in order to improve the conditions for creativity and pooling of knowledge in Aarhus. The Idea Shop is meant as a springboard and help to shorten the development from idea to realization, and not least gather the huge mass of talent in Aarhus which has had difficulty gaining a foothold. A foothold which the Idea Shop can be instrumental in establishing.

A monthly membership of the Idea Shop will cost 100 kroner. In addition to working in a creative environment, you will also have access to the FO-Aarhus debate fund "Debating major issues" which gives you the opportunity to realize some of your ideas.

Basically, being based on a co-creational concept, the Idea Shop will ask people to join in creating a dynamic, creative playground and a pleasant atmosphere in the shared offices.

The more users, the more ideas will appear to work with and co-operate on.

The Idea Shop is on Facebook.

The shop is placed in FO-byen, Frederiksgade 78A, 8000 Aarhus C. Contact school manager Torben Dreier for information on 22 20 49 55 or send him a description of your wishes and your project on